Cody Firearms Experience - From flintlock to full auto

The West: A Place Big and Bold

Plains, Prairie, Desert, Mountains. Enjoy brilliant sunsets and dark star-studded nights that shroud rushing rivers, spouting geysers, and extensive forests. Home to people for more than 10,000 years who relish the wild places and live off the bounty of the land.

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Chief Washakie's Camp

1730 - 1790

Lewis and Clark at the Firearms Experience in Cody

1804 - 1806

The Hawken rifle was the firearm of the mountain men

1825 - 1840

Black Powder Handgun at the Cody Firearms Experience

1846 - 1847

Learn about the Civil War by shooting our reproduction Firearms, located in Cody Wyoming

1861 - 1865

The Cody Firearms Experience has guns used by the Indians and the American Army in the Greater Yellowstone Area and beyond

1864 - 1890

Make Cowboy action pistol shooting part of your trip to Yellowstone with the Cody Firearms Experience

1867 - 1890

Experience Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show circa 1890 in real life in Cody Wyoming

1867 - 1890