Cody Firearms Experience - From flintlock to full auto
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Cody Firearms Experience

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142 W Yellowstone ave, Cody, WY

Open 7 days a week!
9am to 7pm

State of the Art Indoor Firearms Range

Indoor Ax Throwing

Kid's Arcade

Wildlife Display

Staff Led Experience, Focused on Safety

Fun For All Ages

1862 Gatling Gun

Shoot an 1862 Gatling Gun

There is no better way to unwind the History, Myth, and Power of the Gatling Gun than to turn the crank on one yourself.

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1862 Gatling Gun

1873 Colt Revolver

Kentucky Flintlock Musket

1928 A1 Thompson SMG

M1 Garand

1873 Winchester

FN P90


Glock 19 Gen 5

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Our indoor range is heated with motorized targets
Cody Firearms Experience shooter
Cody Firearms Experience shooter
Kid's shooting at the Cody Firearms Experience arcade