Buffalo Hunters



William F. Cody carried a Springfield Trapdoor Rifle when he began hunting buffalo for the Kansas Pacific Railroad work crews in 1867. He earned the name "Buffalo Bill" and a reputation as an expert shot. Also recognized for their buffalo hunting successes were brothers Wright and John Wesley Mooar, who were based out of Dodge City, Kansas, and ultimately followed the great buffalo herds into Texas. There they learned how to "interrupt the buffalo herds that were crossing. . . We stayed on the divide until we loaded our wagon with hides and meat. We could haul 10,000 pounds with four mules when the ground was frozen. We could load, come back to camp, unload, and go back again."


Tom Selleck as Matthew Quigley in the film Quigley Down Under used a Shiloh Sharps 1874 Long Rifle that was four inches longer than the standard 30-inch barrel. It was a movie so of course he made more than one better-than-average shot with the falling block action breach loader fitted with double set triggers.

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